Cleaning in the Nude

Spring has come, time to do some cleaning. I personally feel great, when I have an opportunity to work in my birthday suit. I used to think that (almost) everything we do can be done in the nude. Nevertheless, I’ve decided to make a small investigation and discovered that:

  • “Many witches like to work in the nude, for the subtle energies of the body are more free without cloth to restrict them” [1].
  • “Apparently (and historically accurate), working nude in the day of Jesus was quite common. Men in the fields were known to work nude. Carpenters worked nude on hot days… to see a man or a gardener working in the garden without clothes was not uncommon or shocking” [2].
  • Ritual nudity has been explained with a variety of provenances, including Celtic practices, the Mysteries of Isis and Osiris, ancient Greek and Roman practices of working nude or in ‘loose flowing garments'” [3].
  • “The Bible records that Peter was working nude at fishing” [4].
  • “Working nude has some virtues. So much of our artificial social identity is bound up in our clothes, when we cast them off we become better able to perceive our essential being. Unfortunately, the drawbacks of working naked outweigh the advantages. Most people simply cannot disrobe and be at ease in the company of a group of others” [5].
  • “… as early as 1946, Adolph and Molnar (1946) reported that when working nude at 0°C [32°F], subjects became exhausted and confused within about 1 h even though they were exercising at a rate that they could easily sustain for 4 h in warmer conditions” [6].
  • Going to work in the nude is something most of us only experience in our nightmares. But for thousands of Australians who work from home, it’s a dream come true. Today, the advantages of working from home will be celebrated with Work In The Nude Day… Dozens of brave solo business people will bare all while going about their usual work day” [7].
  • “Author Cynthia Froggatt (2001) refers to the increased tendency for people to work from the privacy of their own homes as ‘working naked’, and points out its many advantages to both organizations and individuals, including enormous savings of time previously spent commuting from home to work, enormous savings of money previously used to rent and maintain workplaces, and increased flexibility, creativity and productivity” [8].

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Me sweeping the floor. The photos are partly inspired by the German edition of H&E naturist. All images can be found in my Flickr Photostream and deviantart gallery.

  1. IceBreaker said:

    Well done! Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you. Everything unshared with others dies inside us or our hard drives.

    • at a temperature higher than 0°C [32°F], according to scientific research

      • Ha ha, yes.

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