Welcome to Vadimage Blog.

Hi! My name is Vadim. I’m a photographer and a nude model, a blogger and a nudist 🙂 from Eastern Europe.

I don’t wear clothes when it is not necessary. I think that it is ‘normal’ to be nude whenever it is reasonably possible.

Sometimes I pose nude for art classes and photography sessions. I also make nude self-portraits. Photos containing nudity can be seen in the blog. I have no intention of upsetting anyone with these images. One of them is the photo below, in which you can see a man, actually me, standing near an open window and posing at golden hour. I’m wearing nothing but my glasses, baseball cap and slip-on shoes (front and back views attached).

Several times I started blogs, but after a few posts I gave up. This time I’ve decided to start from the very beginning and hold on. In any case, I’m afraid, posts will be very irregular :-(.

The photos taken by me can be seen on Flickr
t-maker - View my most interesting photos on Flickriver

and on deviantART (not active lately)

t-maker on deviantart

My main Twitter account is t_maker    .

I have never had illusions about Facebook. I have lost my illusions about Google+.
Then I thought, “What about trying ello.co?” The result was predictable.

Now, I’m going to try MeWe.

Profile pictureIn order to avoid confusion, I use the (cropped) versions of the same self-portrait (the one on the left) as my profile picture for most of the social accounts. In previous years, another profile picture (the one on the right) was mainly used.

Please notice that I don’t have any relation to vadimages.com, vadimage and vadimages on twitter, and any other site or account not mentioned here.

1 comment
  1. aguywithoutboxers said:

    I look forward to reading additional posts! 🙂 Much love and naked hugs!

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