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This question has no answer, as, in fact, any question related to human behavior. This field deals with opinions, not facts. I’ll try to come to solid grounds by specifying, what can be considered as a ‘good idea’. Probably, one can describe an idea as ‘good’ for an individual, if it increases (at least slightly) the probability of his or her survival in social or biological sense. If we accept this, then we can consider a few self-evident arguments.

I’ll start with an argument expressed by Bart Simpson, maybe the most gifted philosopher of my generation, who said once: “But girls might see my doodle”. Only a brief answer can be attempted here. First of all, anxiety impacts negatively on human social and emotional well-being and thinking. In this sense, unnecessary worries are not helpful in any case. Of course, there are many things in the world a responsible citizen should worry about, such as ‘global warming’, ‘exhaustion of natural resources’, or ‘unfair distribution of revenues’. Against this background, all the worries about ‘doodle’ appear as more or less meaningless. It is not surprising that Bart did not take this argument seriously himself.

Another problem is that after seeing your nude photographs, one may begin to suspect that there is something behind them. Namely, you may be suspected in belonging to a deviant subculture. Exactly. Nudism is a “deviant subculture“, a “social and sexual phenomenon“. Nudists “are usually socially disapproved of by the larger population“. It is not clear that there exist “social and cultural benefits to involvement in the deviant subculture of nudism“. (see Nudism as a deviant subculture. Retrieved 10, 2010, from Does it look like a real threat for anyone who wants to improve his or her chances of social success? The answer is, of course, individual.

The biggest immediate benefit for me of being a nudist is a feeling of freedom and consciousness of it. I believe that the impact of a nudist lifestyle on my life is positive. I hope that nudist photos would help to share the amazing experience of living a life of a nudist.

But what if these photos evoke some unwanted emotions and feelings in a viewer? The viewer’s reaction is often impossible to predict. In Zapisovatelé otcovský lásky, a Czech novel written by Michal Viewegh, one fictitious character is getting sexually excited when he sees a bathroom sink. Does it mean that images of bathroom sinks should be prohibited in his world?

What kind of domestic nudity am I talking about? Any kind you decide, because it is your home. Although you might not answer the door nude, you might at least do nothing to prevent being seen nude at home. Go about nude freely in the daytime without pulling any shades. Anyone who happens to come to the door will see that you are nude therein. <…> Once friends and neighbors are aware of your domestic nudist customs, and act as if they at least respect it for you, ask them if they’d mind if you didn’t have to bother getting dressed the next time they drop in. <…> Again, the principle is that we want to show non-nudists our modest nudity so as to make nudism more socially acceptable. (Nudity and Christianity by Jim C. Cunningham)

This is a bit idealistic for me. I came across this book in Google Books a few days ago. I even tweeted about it. I had no time to read it yet. I’m waiting for a review promised by homeclothesfree.

I live in an apartment house built in the years of the decline of the Soviet Union. Its architectural style has nothing in common with architecture. But I got accustomed and even emotionally attached to it. Its distinctive features are long and open balconies and the neighbor’s windows in a few meters distance from your long and open balconies. It’s hard to hide anything, especially when you have nothing to hide. My current neighbors have different attitudes towards nudity in everyday life. Some residents fasten all their buttons when entering their balconies in the hottest summer days, some not at all. Fortunately most of them are tolerant.

A typical summer day may be imagined sunny and hot. A friendly, 60-years-old lady is watering her flowers in neighboring apartment. She is definitely topless. I’m doing my morning exercises by the balcony’s open window. Of course, I’m totally nude. A half-nude female student is working with a computer one floor down from me. A woman dressed in a warm autumn coat is shouting something from the balcony to her husband who takes a walk with a dog… Nobody pays attention to anybody else, in a good sense and to some extent.

I don’t have a great mission to make nudism more socially acceptable. I just love to be nude.

I would like to wish Happy New Year to every reader and visitor of my blog! I appreciate your attention, your comments and advices.

It was a kind of  ‘pilot year’ for the blog. The topics were eclectic, posts appeared irregularly. I was going to devote most of my attention to some personal photo impressions (like in the 1st post, The open air), but spent most time ‘discovering’ German naturism (see FKK in Germany page). Some posts pretended to be ‘philosophical’ (like Evil and Body or The naked truth), other related to my town of residence…  Therefore, it is highly unexpected and pleasant to know that number of total views of the blog is now calculated in thousands.

Google quite confidently finds my blog and images in it.

Google search

Some of my texts appeared elsewhere on the net (sometimes even with references to my blog).

A few words about my plans. In 2010 I’m going to focus on naturism and photography. I’ll continue to illustrate every post with images. Strict observation of copyrights and rights of use, avoidance of content that may be recognized as harmful, improper, illegal, or immoral is my primary priority.

I’m thinking about a regular column, “Weekend Photo” for instance. Images will be supplemented with links to galleries and sites of the photographers. Short information will be provided. It will be something like this:


Female nude by Charles Gilhousen

Female nude by Charles Gilhousen

Female nude by Charles Gilhousen (1919).

Charles Wesley Gilhousen (born in Kahoka, Missouri March 19, 1867 – died November 29, 1929 in Des Moines, Iowa), American photographer…

Other links: Charles Wesley Gilhousen


We’ll see what will come out of this. 🙂

I’ve typed the words “naked under clothes” and Google gave me hundreds of entries. Blogs, personal sites and even novels. In one novel (p. 5) I read

Actually, for all I knew, all beautiful young women these days might be completely nude beneath their clothes. But her look told me quickly that hers was a calculated nudeness, a premeditated nudeness, nudeness in the first degree.

I decided I must know unambiguously who was the first to tell the world the truth that we are all naked under our clothes. It was not difficult to find out that a similar saying was ascribed to German romantic poet Heinrich Heine (1797-1856). Since I had gaps in my knowledge of German literature, I turned to ‘The works of Heinrich Heine‘. The search was crowned with success when I got Heinrich Heine’s ‘Pictures of Travel’. Here is short extract from the book.

But will not the ladies be offended at my saying breeches instead of trousers? – Oh, the refined feelings of ladies! In the end only eunuchs will dare to write for them, and their spiritual servants in the West must be as harmless as their body servants in the East.

Here a fragment from Berthold’s diary comes into my head.

“If we only reflect on it, we are all naked under our clothes,” said Doctor M—– to a lady who was offended by a rather cynical remark to which he had given utterance.

It looks like the significant discovery about our naked nature was made by unknown Doctor M—–, while Heine got to know it at second-hand, from Berthold’s diary! Of course, it remains uncertain whether Doctor M—– was the only one who discovered this naked truth. This problem needs further investigation. Maybe the researchers of Heine’s works can determine the full name of the mysterious Doctor M—– and grateful mankind will always remember this man.

By the window 2

Since I don’t have any portrait of Doctor M—–, I’ve decided to illustrate this post with my self-portrait :-).

Since I got my first digital camera, that was a camera in my phone, my first and immediate intention was to take a nude photo of myself. I always wanted to look at myself from the outside and make up my mind about my appearance without clothes. Furthermore, I always believed that it is more natural to be naked than dressed. One day I took my phone, get undressed except of my underwear, put on a hat and entered the balcony, the most sunny place in my apartments. There I nervously looked around and then took off the last strategic piece of clothing. I let my underwear out of my hands and remained completely naked. At first, standing undressed and exposed to the open air seemed like a great feeling. The wind gently touched my now naked buttocks. Every cell of my skin started to breathe. But when I looked over from the balcony, I realized that the barriers of the balcony were lower than I expected them to be, the windows were opened wider and weren’t hiding anything from curious eyes. In other words, I suddenly found myself standing stark naked and exposed to other people’s glances. Feeling embarrassed, I fastened the phone – mostly with one hand while unsuccessfully trying, somehow, to cover up with the other – at one end of the balcony, launched a timer and took a few steps to the other end.

Well, I’ve got my first nude images. They were rather naive and imperfect. The composition of the frame and post-processing were far from ideal. But I liked the whole impression. Later, I took my next steps into the world of photography. I bought a real digital camera – Fujifilm FinePix F31fd, and got acquainted with GIMP. I became less shy and made a new nude photo session, then another one.

I was not going to share these photos. But I began to understand that there was nothing disgraceful concerning nudity. I started thinking about posting my nude images to Flickr. I uploaded a few of them to my account (t-maker photography) and flagged as ‘Restricted’ (front views) and ‘Moderate’ (back views). Then I submitted a few photos to my then favorite group called ‘The Relaxing and having fun wearing only your birthday suit’. When I discovered that my photos gained hundreds of views in the group, I was completely satisfied with the result.

Among the photos chosen for display were these.

So, what did that leave? Photography offered a great opportunity to step into body-confidence and led me towards choosing nudism as a lifestyle.