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It’s easy to find an article on the health benefits of being naked. After a short Internet search you will be informed of the following.

Sleeping in the nude can “aid you in getting a better night’s sleep”.

  • Sleeping naked allows you to “reach an optimal temperature” “between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit” (15 and 19 degrees Celsius);
  • “sleeping nude can help decrease stress”.

Avoiding “restrictive clothing and undergarments” is great for healthy skin.

  • Restrictive clothing “often leave indentations and marks all over our bodies” and lead to “drying and wrinkling of the skin”;
  • “wearing restrictive clothing can cause excessive sweating which may lead to inflammation of the skin follicles, rashes and breakouts”;
  • going bare helps to eliminate “sweat toxins that clothing can reintroduce to the body and better overall blood circulation”.

“Taking your nudity outdoors” increases your immune system.

  • Outdoor nudity not only “boosts your vitamin D intake and your mood”, but “also it can help improve your circulation, and detoxify the skin”;
  • researchers have found out “that our bodies are better at absorbing Vitamin D from sunlight than supplements, and while exposing your skin to the sun for too long can have serious consequences, the dose of sunshine you get if you sneak outside for 10-15 minutes will be the best natural mood booster”.

There’s an important “mental component to embracing your nude body“.

  • “Spending time in the nude is a great way to get in touch with your body”;
  • “being in the nude reduces shame”;
  • “spending more time naked improved your self-esteem and decreased body image dissatisfaction”;
  • “since it’s typically harder to spend time in your birthday suit as you go about your day” you can “try making it a habit as you’re getting ready to hit the sheets so you can get your daily dose of nudity-induced confidence”. [1,2]

It is also claimed that:

  • when you stay naked you burn more fat;
  • being naked more often saves on buying new clothing;
  • spending more time naked will allow you to feel better in your clothes;
  • appearing naked in front of others will show the world the real you;
  • being nude is fun [3].

Reading such texts, with mentions of the latest scientific studies, can go on almost indefinitely. What is more important is personal experience. I was sick for several months and finally broke up with the virus disease only after I was able to drop my clothes. I have no doubt that being naked is exceptionally good for my health. I have made it my habit to remain naked indoors for as long as possible (during the warm season especially). I am no longer ashamed of my nakedness and I have almost stopped blushing painfully when someone sees me completely naked.

Right now I see only one problem. It would be really nice to find a way to spend more time in my birthday suit outdoors as I go about my day. Among other things, this will seriously reduce my clothing expenses.

Hi, I’m Vadim. And I’m naked.
Selfie in Spring by Vadim aka t-maker


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It’s hard to write something new about selfies. Everyone knows that the word “selfie” was announced the word of the year for 2013 (by the Oxford Dictionaries). Wikipedia defines “selfie” as “a self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone. Selfies are often shared on social networking services” [1].

The first photographic portrait ever taken is considered by many to be the first “selfie”. It was taken in 1839 by “an amateur chemist and photography enthusiast from Philadelphia named Robert Cornelius” [2]. Another point of view is that “people have taken self-portraits since the 1880s, when camera shutters with self-timers were first available. This increased in 1900 with the debut of the portable Kodak Brownie box” [3]. According to Oxford Dictionaries, the earliest usage of the term – “so far anyway” – was in September 13, 2002 in an ABC Online science forum posting [4,5].

People are taking selfies, trying to find self discovery and self-acceptance, due to boredom or simply for memories. “The abundance of selfies also quite simply allows us to see more images of a far wide range of people” [6].

If you are a nudist and you take a selfie, there’s a high probability that it would be a nude selfie. Many people are outraged by nudity for unknown reasons and, of course, those offended by the sight of naked man or woman cannot “just look away” [7]. There’s a dilemma. On the one hand, you don’t want to harm anybody’s feelings. On the other hand, it seems quite ridiculous to put on clothes just to take a selfie.

The wrong cultural understanding of nudity has a long history. More than 400 years ago, Michel de Montaigne opposed treatment of nudity as something taboo. In his Essays (Book III/Chapter V) he wrote about men’s “natural furniture”

… it were a chaster and more fruitful usage to let them [women] know the fact as it is betimes, than permit them to guess according to the liberty and heat of their own fancy; instead of the real parts they substitute, through hope and desire, others that are three times more extravagant …

and continued

what do we know but that Plato, after other well-instituted republics, ordered that the men and women, old and young, should expose themselves naked to the view of one another, in his gymnastic exercises, upon that very account … [8]

Montaigne argues that “the wearing of clothing for humans is only a custom” [9]. And there is nothing wrong in having different views on customs.

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Self-portrait 04/01/13

Nude Selfie. Self-portrait 04/01/13 by Vadim aka t-maker | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

P.S. This nude selfie is from the set uploaded to Flickr. The images were taken with iPhone using a Hipstamatic app for iOS.

This question has no answer, as, in fact, any question related to human behavior. This field deals with opinions, not facts. I’ll try to come to solid grounds by specifying, what can be considered as a ‘good idea’. Probably, one can describe an idea as ‘good’ for an individual, if it increases (at least slightly) the probability of his or her survival in social or biological sense. If we accept this, then we can consider a few self-evident arguments.

I’ll start with an argument expressed by Bart Simpson, maybe the most gifted philosopher of my generation, who said once: “But girls might see my doodle”. Only a brief answer can be attempted here. First of all, anxiety impacts negatively on human social and emotional well-being and thinking. In this sense, unnecessary worries are not helpful in any case. Of course, there are many things in the world a responsible citizen should worry about, such as ‘global warming’, ‘exhaustion of natural resources’, or ‘unfair distribution of revenues’. Against this background, all the worries about ‘doodle’ appear as more or less meaningless. It is not surprising that Bart did not take this argument seriously himself.

Another problem is that after seeing your nude photographs, one may begin to suspect that there is something behind them. Namely, you may be suspected in belonging to a deviant subculture. Exactly. Nudism is a “deviant subculture“, a “social and sexual phenomenon“. Nudists “are usually socially disapproved of by the larger population“. It is not clear that there exist “social and cultural benefits to involvement in the deviant subculture of nudism“. (see Nudism as a deviant subculture. Retrieved 10, 2010, from Does it look like a real threat for anyone who wants to improve his or her chances of social success? The answer is, of course, individual.

The biggest immediate benefit for me of being a nudist is a feeling of freedom and consciousness of it. I believe that the impact of a nudist lifestyle on my life is positive. I hope that nudist photos would help to share the amazing experience of living a life of a nudist.

But what if these photos evoke some unwanted emotions and feelings in a viewer? The viewer’s reaction is often impossible to predict. In Zapisovatelé otcovský lásky, a Czech novel written by Michal Viewegh, one fictitious character is getting sexually excited when he sees a bathroom sink. Does it mean that images of bathroom sinks should be prohibited in his world?

What kind of domestic nudity am I talking about? Any kind you decide, because it is your home. Although you might not answer the door nude, you might at least do nothing to prevent being seen nude at home. Go about nude freely in the daytime without pulling any shades. Anyone who happens to come to the door will see that you are nude therein. <…> Once friends and neighbors are aware of your domestic nudist customs, and act as if they at least respect it for you, ask them if they’d mind if you didn’t have to bother getting dressed the next time they drop in. <…> Again, the principle is that we want to show non-nudists our modest nudity so as to make nudism more socially acceptable. (Nudity and Christianity by Jim C. Cunningham)

This is a bit idealistic for me. I came across this book in Google Books a few days ago. I even tweeted about it. I had no time to read it yet. I’m waiting for a review promised by homeclothesfree.

I live in an apartment house built in the years of the decline of the Soviet Union. Its architectural style has nothing in common with architecture. But I got accustomed and even emotionally attached to it. Its distinctive features are long and open balconies and the neighbor’s windows in a few meters distance from your long and open balconies. It’s hard to hide anything, especially when you have nothing to hide. My current neighbors have different attitudes towards nudity in everyday life. Some residents fasten all their buttons when entering their balconies in the hottest summer days, some not at all. Fortunately most of them are tolerant.

A typical summer day may be imagined sunny and hot. A friendly, 60-years-old lady is watering her flowers in neighboring apartment. She is definitely topless. I’m doing my morning exercises by the balcony’s open window. Of course, I’m totally nude. A half-nude female student is working with a computer one floor down from me. A woman dressed in a warm autumn coat is shouting something from the balcony to her husband who takes a walk with a dog… Nobody pays attention to anybody else, in a good sense and to some extent.

I don’t have a great mission to make nudism more socially acceptable. I just love to be nude.

Hi, my name is Vadim. I’m a photographer and nudist from Eastern Europe. As a nudist, I believe that only without clothes we can reveal our true self. I promote a nudist lifestyle, in particular, by making nude self-portraits. You’ll see some of them in my posts.

Me in the nude

The naked man in the photo above is me. I posed for this photo on July 9, 2008. Does it upset you that you have seen me nude? Some people think that nudity is indecent, while other believe that nudity creates a sense of freedom. Is nudity offensive indeed? I’ll write on this and other subjects in my blog.

Several times I started blogs, but after a few posts I gave up. This time I’ve decided to start from the very beginning and hold on. Below you can see the image I’ve chosen for the header of my new Vadimage Blog. It depicts the lake in Kiev on the left bank of the Dnieper river. I took this photo on April 25, 2009. This not my best and most valuable shot, but I think it suits with the theme.


Lakeside by Vadim aka t-maker | Flickr – Photo Sharing!