Nude Statistics

Don’t you know that “48 percent of people say they would bare it all on a nude beach”, but “among those who are more likely to buy the single than buy the album, only 34 percent would bare it all on a nude beach”? (Based on a survey of 178 people who are more likely to buy the single than buy the album and 510 people in general. Correlation #369 on by Shaun Gallagher)

It is noteworthy that “57 percent of women think they look fat naked, but 59 percent aren’t afraid to walk around the house in the buff. Perhaps not surprisingly, more men are comfortable walking around naked at home and in gym locker rooms than women, 63 and 27 percent respectively.” (From FITNESS magazine and Yahoo! Shine survey of 1,500 men and women in 2012)

Statistics tells us that you can hardly find pictures of nude men and women in American homes. 44 percent of Americans “prefer the color blue”. 64 percent “like traditional art more than modern”. 88 percent “prefer pictures that show outdoor scenes, in which wild animals such as deer are preferable domestic cats.” Humans should be historical figures or ordinary people, depicted fully clothed.” Only 3 percent of Americans would rather buy a picture with nude content. (From Marttila & Kiley poll completed in 1994)

What about Millennials? 20 percent of the representatives of the millennial generation “have posed for nude photos or taken nude photos of their partner.” (From Euro RSCG’s annual Valentine’s Day study in 2012)

And finally, about nude beaches. “Worldwide, 33 percent of beachgoers “would never” go topless or nude at the beach. <…> Roughly 5 percent of American beachgoers reported having gone nude at the beach.” (Expedia 2013 Flip Flop Report)

“Statistics is a pain. Every normal person who takes it knows that it is (almost always) badly taught, unreadable, and even when you follow the idea, you can’t imagine where to apply it.” (Statistics for Practical People). So some people don’t love statistics.

But even if not everybody loves statistics, there’s something in it. I must admit that I always buy albums and almost never buy singles.

  1. It’s interesting to see the changes in ideas over the years. Statistics are always fun, even if somewhat questionable. For instance, we have four or five different services keeping track of how many website visitors we have, and they never agree. Not even close. When questioned, one explained that different services use different means of determining what a ‘visit’ means, and use different methods to determine ‘page views’, unique visitors’, ‘first time’ or ‘return’, etc. Essentially, it adds up to tossing a coin!

    Surveys may be done via mail, telephone (usually land-line & skewing the results), magazines and websites. Whoever pays for the ‘study’ can easily affect the outcome according to the method and terminology used. No matter.

    The surveys cited here and elsewhere generally indicate a new hardening of opinion against social nudism, which is sad. At the same time, nudity used for entertainment purposes has soared. Sexual nudity is more acceptable now than 20 years ago, both in fashion and entertainment, but that has not helped the cause of social nudity.

    The public continues to see nudity as sexual, and likes to see it that way. We haven’t gotten past that mind-block and convinced the average person on the street that there’s more to bare skin than sex. Younger folks seem to be getting there to some degree, but have little interest in social nudism or the community involved. Only time will tell what things will be like 20 years from now.

    • Thank you for your comment. I’m very impressed by your observation that people continue to see nudity as sexual, because they like to see it that way. I think that it is very true. There should be some program promoting social nudism, if we want things to change.

      • We have AANR and TNS, but they’re underfunded, losing membership, and have other agendas to promote. Other smaller groups do what they can, but when 230 million people have their minds set on seeing naturism as sinful and lewd, it’s an uphill battle. No politician will risk supporting social nudism/relaxed laws even if there was a reason for them to do so.

        If this was seen as a civil rights issue we might stand a chance, if organized. However, most folks see it as a personal pastime which is sexual in nature and not of concern to them. No one cares.

      • I have always believed that we are living in the times when the “society of faceless, de-individualized humanoids” is vanishing. (Here and below I quote The Third Wave by Alvin Toffler which is one of my favorite books.) I’ve hoped that we are moving “toward a profusion of life-styles and more highly individualized personalities” and that we are about to see “the rise of a “post-standardized mind” and a “post-standardized public.” I was overoptimistic. A lot of people continue to impose their stereotypes on you (not only about a naturist lifestyle).

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