Is it a good idea to share your nude photographs, if you are a nudist?

This question has no answer, as, in fact, any question related to human behavior. This field deals with opinions, not facts. I’ll try to come to solid grounds by specifying, what can be considered as a ‘good idea’. Probably, one can describe an idea as ‘good’ for an individual, if it increases (at least slightly) the probability of his or her survival in social or biological sense. If we accept this, then we can consider a few self-evident arguments.

I’ll start with an argument expressed by Bart Simpson, maybe the most gifted philosopher of my generation, who said once: “But girls might see my doodle”. Only a brief answer can be attempted here. First of all, anxiety impacts negatively on human social and emotional well-being and thinking. In this sense, unnecessary worries are not helpful in any case. Of course, there are many things in the world a responsible citizen should worry about, such as ‘global warming’, ‘exhaustion of natural resources’, or ‘unfair distribution of revenues’. Against this background, all the worries about ‘doodle’ appear as more or less meaningless. It is not surprising that Bart did not take this argument seriously himself.

Another problem is that after seeing your nude photographs, one may begin to suspect that there is something behind them. Namely, you may be suspected in belonging to a deviant subculture. Exactly. Nudism is a “deviant subculture“, a “social and sexual phenomenon“. Nudists “are usually socially disapproved of by the larger population“. It is not clear that there exist “social and cultural benefits to involvement in the deviant subculture of nudism“. (see Nudism as a deviant subculture. Retrieved 10, 2010, from Does it look like a real threat for anyone who wants to improve his or her chances of social success? The answer is, of course, individual.

The biggest immediate benefit for me of being a nudist is a feeling of freedom and consciousness of it. I believe that the impact of a nudist lifestyle on my life is positive. I hope that nudist photos would help to share the amazing experience of living a life of a nudist.

But what if these photos evoke some unwanted emotions and feelings in a viewer? The viewer’s reaction is often impossible to predict. In Zapisovatelé otcovský lásky, a Czech novel written by Michal Viewegh, one fictitious character is getting sexually excited when he sees a bathroom sink. Does it mean that images of bathroom sinks should be prohibited in his world?

  1. Happy Bare said:

    God no… I love bathroom sinks.

    • The novel mentioned in my post was only translated into Eastern European languages, so bathroom sinks in most parts of the world are not in danger at the moment.

      • Happy Bare said:

        Thank goodness.

  2. Vad, a very well-written piece. I would have to answer your title question, “yes.” Being a naturists/nudist who wants to remain free to practice my lifestyle, I feel I must be “out” with my choice. There are images of my naked body all over the World Wide Web, probably in places I don’t even know. When I posted my first photo of my naked self I didn’t have a second thought about any repercussions to my social standing and status. People will have to accept me as I am and if I have to “suffer” in some way for my freedom, that’s the way it must be. I’m sorry for rambling, but your post got me to think about my caviler propensity to posts photos of my nude body without fear. Thank you. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you. Social connections bring balance in our lives. Thanks to modern technology, we now have a new level of communication with people having similar interests as we do. At the same time, a positive attitude from people around us in our everyday lives is very important and cannot be ignored.

  3. Paul said:

    I’m going to reblog this on and also provide a Dutch translation in a separate post.
    Thank you, this is a very good post!

    • Thank you for your interest. Frankly speaking, I don’t think that I have written something new on the subject. In a society which considers nudism as a deviant subculture, it is important to create a positive impression of nudism as a healthy lifestyle connecting the individual to nature.

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