Doing nothing to prevent being seen nude at home

What kind of domestic nudity am I talking about? Any kind you decide, because it is your home. Although you might not answer the door nude, you might at least do nothing to prevent being seen nude at home. Go about nude freely in the daytime without pulling any shades. Anyone who happens to come to the door will see that you are nude therein. <…> Once friends and neighbors are aware of your domestic nudist customs, and act as if they at least respect it for you, ask them if they’d mind if you didn’t have to bother getting dressed the next time they drop in. <…> Again, the principle is that we want to show non-nudists our modest nudity so as to make nudism more socially acceptable. (Nudity and Christianity by Jim C. Cunningham)

This is a bit idealistic for me. I came across this book in Google Books a few days ago. I even tweeted about it. I had no time to read it yet. I’m waiting for a review promised by homeclothesfree.

I live in an apartment house built in the years of the decline of the Soviet Union. Its architectural style has nothing in common with architecture. But I got accustomed and even emotionally attached to it. Its distinctive features are long and open balconies and the neighbor’s windows in a few meters distance from your long and open balconies. It’s hard to hide anything, especially when you have nothing to hide. My current neighbors have different attitudes towards nudity in everyday life. Some residents fasten all their buttons when entering their balconies in the hottest summer days, some not at all. Fortunately most of them are tolerant.

A typical summer day may be imagined sunny and hot. A friendly, 60-years-old lady is watering her flowers in neighboring apartment. She is definitely topless. I’m doing my morning exercises by the balcony’s open window. Of course, I’m totally nude. A half-nude female student is working with a computer one floor down from me. A woman dressed in a warm autumn coat is shouting something from the balcony to her husband who takes a walk with a dog… Nobody pays attention to anybody else, in a good sense and to some extent.

I don’t have a great mission to make nudism more socially acceptable. I just love to be nude.

  1. Reblogged this on home clothes free and commented:
    This is good eXample of the truth that everyone’s circumstance is different important to acknowledge when trying to live clothes free

    • Thank you! It’s great to be reblogged on home clothes free again!

  2. aguywithoutboxers said:

    It’s great that you live in such an accepting environment. Here in the USA, there is too much of residual puritanism remaining. Nice job! 🙂

    • Thank you! There is too much of residual puritanism remaining everywhere.

    • Yankee Point said:

      It depends on where you live. I am in the mountains of northwest Montana. When the weather is warm, I am nude. I work nude, including doing gardening. My home is in clear view of the road, and have never had any negative remarks from neighbors, only positive feedback. I found I have other nudists in the neighborhood, although they aren’t as open about it as I am.

  3. IceBreaker said:

    I’d definitely like to be this free, and for the most part I do walk around naked with the blinds open. I try to be somewhat discreet though because there are children in the neighborhood, and someone seeing the wrong thing at the wrong time could mean a lot of trouble

    • Of course, we must take into account circumstances which differ in time and space, and obey the laws of the land

  4. Thanks for this post and the mention regarding review working on getting through review backlog at the moment.

  5. I’m afraid that here, in one of the most tolerant and liberal cities in America, we’d likely be arrested if someone saw us naked through our windows, let alone outside. Luckily, we have a upper sundeck that works just fine!

    It sounds like your neighbors in the ‘Land of Satan’ are a lot more tolerant than those in the ‘Land of the Free’! 😉

    • I don’t think that we are living in the ‘Land of Satan’ (we are not from Russia :)) and hope that all of us will live in the ‘Lands of the Free’, according to lifestyles of our choice. As for me, the suggestions of Jim C. Cunningham (see a quotation at the beginning of a post) can be called Utopian and, unfortunately, cannot be realized in full. But sometimes it is impossible to avoid cases of ‘accidental nudity’.

      • Sorry, that was just ironical a joke, as was ‘Land of the Free’. In US Cold War culture, the Soviet empire was often characterized as such, as was the US by her antagonists. Oddly enough, this country was split between believing which was true! Still is…

        A couple years ago a woman walking her kid to school trespassed through a man’s yard, looked into his window, and glimpsed him nude.. He was arrested. Of course, it depends on time and circumstances, but no one is really safely nude in their own ‘castle’. I can shoot you if you walk through my door uninvited, but if I open the door nude, I become the criminal. It’s nuts.

      • In our country some people are very nostalgic about soviet communist past and in any case I am definitely not allowed to shoot anyone who walks through my door uninvited :).

  6. Alan Christensen said:

    I decided to move into a nudist club fulltime year round except i migrate between AZ and WA no snow ever again.

  7. I also live in front of a block of apartments. No balconies, but large windows. My neighbours are young or mature couples, families with children, singles… Some of them protect their privacy with blinds or curtains, but others don’t seem to care about being seen half or totally naked behind open windows. Surely they have also seen me. Luckily enough, this is not a big deal in Spain.

    • The philosopher Sextus Empiricus (c. 160 – 210 AD) wrote: “We sceptics follow in practice the way of the world, but without holding any opinion about it.” We nudists also “follow in practice the way of the world” :). I mean that we must take into account circumstances, local laws and cultural context.

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