‘Embarrassing’ link on the Manchester Cathedral’s website

The reader of What the Bible “really” says about sex: a new look at sexual ethics from a Biblical perspective by Tom Gruber (Trafford Publishing, 2001) may learn that

Numerous studies have been conducted on nudism. According to research done … during the late 1940s 91 percent of nudists were Christians, while only 89 percent of the US population were Christians… The average nudist in 1960 was twice as likely to complete high school and college as was the average American. Their social class leans towards the upper end of the scale. Nudist marriages are happy. Nudist women reported favorably on the benefits of nudism for their husbands and children.

Time passes, but many church officials still can’t be open minded enough to accept the naturist lifestyle.

“Manchester Cathedral is at the centre of a new row after its website included a link to a nudist group”, informs the regional newspaper Manchester Evening News. “An article about the Christian Naturist Fellowship appeared on a site promoting the cathedral’s ‘new age’ Spirit Of Life festival next month”, but “it was pulled after the criticism from Church of England bosses”.

A chairman of the Christian Naturist Fellowship told journalists: “People seem to equate nudity and sex but simple, non-sexual nudity is quite different. I submitted a paragraph to a section which was talking about people being protected from discrimination.” A spokesman for the Diocese of Manchester said there were never any plans for naturists to attend the festival, which will be held at the cathedral.

The Original Sin by Vermin Inc | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

The Original Sin by Vermin Inc | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Source: Manchester Cathedral covers up ’embarrassing’ link to Christian nudist group

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