A few news stories about nudism

Here is a some kind of my personal nudist news digest for a time I was absent from my blog.

New year, new pastime? by gwilmore | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

New year, new pastime? by gwilmore | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

1. From Pro Golf Talk on NBCSports.com I’ve noticed that at the end of March during the European Golf Tour played in Andalucia, Spain, some players probably were disappointed seeing “a little bit more than they bargained” since a course “was adjacent to a nude beach”. But at least “all of the competitors were clothed”. The Swedish Kalskog GK is reported to go further allowing “nudists to tee it up at their course this year”. The representative of the golf club is quoted to say: “We aren’t forcing everyone to play naked, and you will see the naked players playing at specific times, such as early morning or late afternoon.” All that seems to be the 1st April joke.
SourceWant to play golf in the nude? Head to Sweden, please
Nudists now welcome to Kalskog GK

2. A few years ago County Down Spectator newspaper from Northern Ireland published the April Fools’ Day joke of the same sort. The local newspaper “generated major distress amongst North Down residents with a story on the creation of a nudist camp in the area”. A nudist camp? Who would believe in that!
Source: April Fools missing from NI newspapers

3. In March it was impossible to miss the story of “naked woman, 27, rescued from cliffs after getting stuck trying to reach nudist beach”. “She had taken off her clothes before trying to clamber 450ft down to Black’s Beach, which lies in Torrey Pines State Park in San Diego, California.” Then she “found herself stranded on a ledge unable to climb back up or head down to the shoreline”. The lifeguard officer told NBC: ‘That’s true. She is naked.’ The photos were kindly provided by Fox 5 San Diego.
Source: Naked woman, 27, rescued from cliffs after getting stuck trying to reach nudist beach
Photos: Cliff Rescue (Warning: Nudity)

4. A software company has invited “a number of female web coders” to work in the nude. The UK company, Nude House, is “thought to be the only business in the world where none of the staff wear clothes”. It was said that the only reason they had advertised for female staff was because they “wanted the office to be less male-dominated”. The company claims to be “the first worldwide facility for naturists to earn substantial sums of money from work that incidentally provides them with the capability to work entirely without clothes”.
Source: Wanted: Nude female web coders
Nude house job: undress to impress

5. Travel Bite from New Zealand informs that “naturism (the preferred term for the clothing-optional philosophy and way of life) has been documented since the time of Alexander the Great”. I’ve got to know that their list of the “world’s top nudist spots” includes: 1. Brighton, UK (where in the winter “temperatures sink below 3°C”); 2. Dubrovnik, Croatia (“Croatia is home to a large population of naturists.”); 3. the party island of Ibiza, Spain; 4. Darwin, Australia (documented since 1943); 5. Aletsch Glacier, Switzerland (where “600 nudists gathered to be photographed by Spencer Tunick”); 6. Kirke Hyllinge, Denmark (“This Danish nudist retreat 50km from Copenhagen celebrated its 50th anniversary last year.”); 7. Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic (In Central and South America “you can even indulge in the naturist sport of ‘’canuding’’); 8. Solbakken, Denmark (where the INF World Congress took place in 1960); 9. the clothing-optional town Cap d’Agde, France; 10. “America’s oldest clothing-optional beach” San Gregorio, California, USA; 11. Fuerteventura, Canary Islands; 12. Kauai, Hawaii, USA; 13. New Jersey, USA (“California isn’t the only place you’ll find nude beaches in the US”); 14. Latvia (any explanation provided).
Source: Travel Bite – New Zealand, Australia, Pacific & World Travel Guides, Travel News, Hot Travel Deals, Flights, Accommodation
Top nudist beaches
Travel Guides Everybody get naked!

Nude beach in Spain by utomjording | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Nude beach in Spain by utomjording | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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