Top 10 FKK-Events 2011 from

The nudist and nude beaches attract many free spirits to escape from the ordinary everyday life (

The site has published FKK-Tips of the Year (in the form of slideshow). The list of  Top 10 FKK-Events 2011 from the point of view of Austrian website contains:

  1. World Naked Bike Ride (March, 12 2011).

    World Naked Bike Ride - London 2009 (Wikimedia Commons)

    World Naked Bike Ride - London 2009 (Wikimedia Commons)

  2. Thermal sources in Tokyo, Japan. Baths are fed by natural hot springs in Ooedo-Onsen-Monogatari (hot springs theme park). Visitors are strictly separated by gender.
  3. Ayana Bali Resort and Spa in Indonesia
  4. Kothiharjum sauna in Kallio, Helsinki, Finland
  5. World Body Paint Festival at the Wörthersee, an alpine lake in the southern Austrian state of Carinthia (Pörtschach am Wörthersee, Austria, June, 27 – July, 3 2011). The World Body Paint Festival is the biggest art event of its kind. Around 30,000 visitors and artists, photographers and musicians from more than 40 nations together create the most colorful event in Europe.
  6. Nudist stronghold: Cap d’Agde in France. Cap d’Agde in southern France may be the most unusual small town in the world. It is the largest nudist resort in Europe. During the main summer season, the number of residents and tourists exceeds 40,000.
    Sign on the beach at Cap d'Agde (Wikimedia Commons)

    Sign on the beach at Cap d'Agde (Wikimedia Commons)

  7. Schoenefeld meadows in Munich, Germany. The English Garden is the largest urban park in the world, larger than London’s Hyde Park or Central Park in New York. In the south of the English Garden there are the Schoenfeld meadows, which are officially reserved for naturists. Feel free to join and enjoy the sun.
  8. Haulover Beach in Miami Beach, Florida, USA. The nude beach Haulover Beach near Miami is one of the few “legal” nude beaches in the United States. The beach is ideal for surfing, swimming and sunbathing.
    Haulover beach (Wikimedia Commons)

    Haulover beach (Wikimedia Commons)

  9. Naked ship: Nudist Cruise in Split, Croatia. A textile-free sailing from the stunning Dalmatian coast in Croatia (starting June, 11 2011).
  10. Nudist-cultural event: Burning Man in Nevada, USA (from August, 29 till September, 5 2011 in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada). Being naked is, of course, fully accepted.

Source: FKK-Tipps des Jahres (in German)
Draft version of this post was also published in my Tumblr blog.
See also Ideas for FKK-Urlaub.

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