Weird Customs

Have you ever attended a nudist beach or spent a week or two at a nudist camp? If the answer is yes, I congratulate you; now you are reckoned among those who carry out Strange Sexual Practices. At least, Hari Dutt Sharma, author of Strange Sexual Customs and Practices published in India (Pustak Mahal, 2007), is fully confident about that.

1903 - ZULU LAND in OLD AFRICA by Okinawa Soba on Flickr

1903 - ZULU LAND in OLD AFRICA by Okinawa Soba on Flickr

In Chapter 3 of his book entitled Strange Sexual Practices, without a moment’s hesitation, he places modern naturists alongside the Siberian Eskimos who, to this author’s knowledge, “exchange wives to confuse evil spirits” and unnamed New Guinea’s tribesmen and natives of New Hebrides, who “wear jewelry on their genitals”. One can have a great time reading about Masai women who “drink fermented cowdung to terminate unwanted pregnancies” and Norwegians who “share the same bed but avoid intercourse”. At last, on pages 36 and 37, just after those who “Exchange Sexual Partners” and before those who “Enjoy Sex in One-Night-Stand”, one finds the paragraphs about men and women who “Expose their Bodies for Health Reason” and “Don’t Mind Nudity”. Let me quote (the spelling of the original is preserved):

In many cultures nudity is regarded as an offence. But in a number of European and American countries, the position is different. They even arrange nudist camps where nudist can live and move about naked.
Participants in nude clubs feel that they can overcome their inhibitions and quickly get beyond superficialities if all physical defences are done away with.

Further on the author mentions “‘strip-tease’ and topless bars” and finally places the sign of equality between nudists and “a few backward tribes of Sudan and Brazil” where “complete nudity has been found”. The rest of the chapter is devoted mainly to “Strange Ritual Sex” and “Exchange of Wives” (I admit I didn’t read it through carefully to the end).

Mary's Harp concert at Nudie Rock posted by Cher on

Mary's Harp concert at Nudie Rock posted by Cher on

The reliability of the facts, gathered in the book written to amuse readers, raises doubts (at least some references should be provided). To be serious, in any case, I don’t welcome a flippant attitude towards peoples’ lifestyles and cultural backgrounds.

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