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Olga Desmond (1891 – 1964) was a German dancer and actress. She earned popularity due to her participation in “living pictures” in which she introduced the concept of total nudity and posed after the manner of ancient classical works of art. The shows called “Evenings of Beauty” (Schönheitsabende) were organized by the Association for Ideal Culture and prohibited on more than one occasion starting from 1908.

Olga Desmond became one of the first to promote nudity on the stage in St. Petersburg, Russia in the summer of 1908. In 1910 she produced a luxurious folio that featured narratively sequenced nude photos of her as she assumed statuesque, classic Greek poses of heroic character. She even treated her hair to give it a sculpted look.

For Desmond, nothing was more significant than nudity in calling attention to the problem of seeing the movement of the body itself. She was quoted to say,

I decided to break the centuries-old heavy chains, created by people themselves. When I go out on stage completely naked, I am not ashamed, I am not embarrassed, because I come out before the public just as I am, loving all that is beautiful and graceful. There was never a case when my appearance before the public evoked any cynical observations or dirty ideas.

Olga Desmond had a close connection to the nudist movement and was for a while the wife of the editor of the nudist magazine Die Schönheit.

The two images below are taken from Wikimedia Commons.

Olga Desmond posing nude in one of her "Evenings of Beauty"

Olga Desmond posing nude in one of her "Evenings of Beauty"

Olga Desmond

Olga Desmond

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