Photo at weekend (2010, Week 11)

Wikimedia Commons describes Jean Agélou (1878-1921) briefly as a photographer who “produced nude and risque photographs from 1900 until about 1917. Jean Agélou published most of his nudes under the initials JA. His most famous model was a woman known as “Fernande”.” It is notable that the first illustration in the article on Erotica in Wikipedia is one of the Jean Agélou’s Fernandes. “Miss Fernande” is considered as a kind of erotic icon celebrated in Europe in the first decades of the 20th century. Here is one quote from the website devoted to her:

Little is known about the lovely Fernande, not even her last name (the postcards only indicate “Miss Fernande”). Though she is largely forgotten today, her photographs are still collected worldwide by an ardent following.

It is believed that she was born about 1892 in Paris, France. She was a beautiful model for Jean Agelou in the 1910’s and apparently into the 1920’s. She lived downtown Paris in a hotel just two doors away from Jean Agelou’s studio. There exist different versions and ideas about her real name and origin. Nothing is known for sure. Somebody calls Miss Fernande the First Lady of Erotica. Her beauty survived in that French postcards. But what if she didn’t dare to participate in risqué modeling jobs?

Miss Fernande (1910-1917) by Jean Agélou (1878-1921)

Miss Fernande by Jean Agélou (1910-1917)

JA Serie 39 by Jean Agélou

JA Serie 39 by Jean Agélou

Miss Fernande by Jean Agélou (1910-1917)

Miss Fernande by Jean Agélou (1910-1917)

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