Photo at weekend (2010, Week 5)

I’ve read about one painter and photographer connected with the Bauhaus school that his greatest effort as an artist was devoted to the conquest of space (quoted from here). I’m not sure that I understand exactly what they mean, but it sounds impressive.

My today’s post is about the monkey6880‘s photography. Among his numerous fabulous photographs on Flickr, I personally prefer those taken at some abandoned industrial areas. The contrast between the beauty and deserted industrial structures leaves a lasting impression of art defeating the industrial culture in its conquest of space.

The photographer wrote about himself

Hometown is Thailand, but live in San Francisco Bay Area. Love photography and always looking for outdoor activities partners…

The following image is from his Structural Nude Set on Flickr.

Walk On The Wild Side by monkey6880 on Flickr

Walk On The Wild Side by monkey6880 on Flickr

There are hundreds of thousands of nudes on Flickr but few are of such consistently discriminating quality as those of Monkey6880. (cosmos traveler in Testimonials on Flickr)

1. monkey6880’s photostream on Flickr
2. Structural Nude – a set on Flickr

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