Happy New Year!

I would like to wish Happy New Year to every reader and visitor of my blog! I appreciate your attention, your comments and advices.

It was a kind of  ‘pilot year’ for the blog. The topics were eclectic, posts appeared irregularly. I was going to devote most of my attention to some personal photo impressions (like in the 1st post, The open air), but spent most time ‘discovering’ German naturism (see FKK in Germany page). Some posts pretended to be ‘philosophical’ (like Evil and Body or The naked truth), other related to my town of residence…  Therefore, it is highly unexpected and pleasant to know that number of total views of the blog is now calculated in thousands.

Google quite confidently finds my blog and images in it.

Google search

Some of my texts appeared elsewhere on the net (sometimes even with references to my blog).

A few words about my plans. In 2010 I’m going to focus on naturism and photography. I’ll continue to illustrate every post with images. Strict observation of copyrights and rights of use, avoidance of content that may be recognized as harmful, improper, illegal, or immoral is my primary priority.

I’m thinking about a regular column, “Weekend Photo” for instance. Images will be supplemented with links to galleries and sites of the photographers. Short information will be provided. It will be something like this:


Female nude by Charles Gilhousen

Female nude by Charles Gilhousen

Female nude by Charles Gilhousen (1919).

Charles Wesley Gilhousen (born in Kahoka, Missouri March 19, 1867 – died November 29, 1929 in Des Moines, Iowa), American photographer…

Other links: Charles Wesley Gilhousen


We’ll see what will come out of this. 🙂

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