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Some time ago I came across an online knowledge resource called eHow (see an article about eHow in Wikipedia). It attracted my attention with promises to offer instructions on “how to do just about everything“. And it doesn’t seem an overstatement. In a few seconds I learned How to Hammer a Nail (the main idea is to pick a hammer that is appropriate for the job) and How to Hammer a Nail Without Banging Your Fingers (hold the hammer at the end of the handle etc.),  How to Find More Time to Read (I doubt that it is healthy to read during lunch) and How to Read a Book without Falling Asleep (If at all possible, do your reading in the morning…), How to Blow Your Nose (Use paper facial tissues instead of cloth handkerchiefs) and How to blow your nose in the public (Always keep the handkerchief in your pocket) and so on and so on. Most instructions are written by nice people and they are pleasant and amusing to read.

It is noteworthy that such a large database doesn’t ignore nudist subjects. On eHow one can find out, for instance, How to Be a Nudist and How to Become a Nudist (rid yourself of cultural myths about nudity), How to Follow Nudity Laws (know when and where nudity is acceptable and not acceptable where you live) and How to Practice Nudity in Your Home. In order to give an example, I’ll dwell on the latter instruction. The anonymous eHow Contributing Writer recommends (I’ll give a short summary here):

  1. Discuss a nudity policy with your family
  2. Be sensitive to your neighbors
  3. Protect your furniture by setting down a towel before you sit down
  4. Avoid cooking or baking while you practice nudity in your home
  5. Refrain from practicing nudity in your home when you have guests that might be sensitive or unprepared to deal with it.

Of course, instructions like that might appear self-evident, but it doesn’t mean that they are useless. In any case, usefulness is not necessary in a reading like this. By the way, I like the respect for feelings of other people shown in this instruction.

Hard to make the right choice by MaraB

Hard to make the right choice by MaraB

P.S. Right now I’m thinking about my own addition to the database. It could be something like How to Miss An Opportunity or maybe How to be Bored with Yourself.

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