Kiev in summer

I was searching for photos depicting Kiev, the place of my current residence. I wanted to find a gallery with a fresh view on the city distinct from tourist stereotype. Recently I came across the episa’s photostream on Flickr. Episa calls himself US Semi-Professional photographer currently living in Kiev, Ukraine. I’m not sure what he means by semi-professional, because I prefer to consider professionalism as a characteristic that relates only to commercial performance in a certain field. If someone constantly manages to earn money for a living in that field I would call him professional irrespective of my subjective appraisal about the quality of his work. And if someone’s activity brings in no profit it does not minimize his skills in the field. Anyway, episa’s photos are looking rather impressive themselves and show the current state of the city, since they were uploaded to Flickr only a few days ago.

This summer is unexpectedly hot. The weather temperature is high as in the hottest years on record and all the river beaches are crowded with locals.

White Sand beach along Dniepr River, Kiev

It looks like the photographer has managed to get even to one of city’s nudist beaches.
White Sand beach along Dniepr River, Kiev

He calls the image “Men’s Club”. Women are in minority on local nudist beaches.

These and other excellent images can be found in episa’s photostream on Flickr.

  1. episa said:

    I am the photographer (episa) on flickr from whom you borrowed the two pictures for your article titled “Kiev in summer” July 22, 2009 by vadimage”.

    First I wanted to thank you for giving me the credit for the images and for your compliments on my photography in your article.

    Although you did not ask for it, I grant you permission to use my Kiev pictures for your articles with no request for compensation. This way you will be legally safe as they are explicitly copyrighted.

    This brings me to the clarification for my semi-professional photographer status: I meant that I was incorporated in the US as a professional photographer, and I did sell (and still can do it) some of my pictures for third party commercial use. Some of my photographs in the US were published in calendars and by post card companies which bought the full rights of some of my slides.

    Since there is no way I can earn from photography the same amount of money I am making in my current profession as an Executive, I decided to not use the term professional photographer which should be reserved in my opinion to people who make an exclusive living out of it, regardless of their talents.

    I really enjoy discovering Kiev and its surroundings with my camera and have made more than a thousand photos in the one year I have been in Ukraine. If you have a particular need and happen to have a corresponding photo I will be happy to help you.

    Best Regards from Kiev

    • First of all I would like to thank you for your permission to use your Kiev pictures in my post with no request for compensation. Since the buttons ‘Blog this’ above your pictures on Flickr were present, I took it as a permission to ‘blog your stuff’ (how Flickr calls it in account settings). So I didn’t ask you for special permissions. It’s my mistake.

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