German Federal Archives

Even if everybody knows something, maybe there is still someone who does not. I’ve discovered the photos from German archives at Wikimedia Commons accidentally, few months ago. Since I am interested in photography I would like to have the links to this remarkable photo collection in my blog and maybe someone will find this information useful.

Starting from December 4, 2008, Wikimedia Commons, media file repository of the Wikimedia Foundation, received more than 100,000 images as a donation from the German Federal Archives. All images may be found in Category:Images from the German Federal Archive or its subcategories. This donation was widely discussed in the blogosphere. The cooperation between Wikimedia and the German archives is developing. On April 2nd, 2009 the Deutsche Fotothek began to upload to Wikimedia Commons about the 250,000 images being part of the German Photo Collection at Saxony’s State and University Library.

These photos depict scenes from German history (including East Germany) and daily life. The pictures showing everyday life of the people in 1920s, 50s or 70’s leave me with a kind of nostalgia.

JO JO - das Spiel der zwanziger Jahre auf den Strassen Berlins

The Yo-Yo game of the 1920s, Charlottenstrasse, Berlin

Some images relate to the traditions of German naturism. The first nudist society was founded in Berlin in 1906. It is remarkable that while the FKK movement faded in the western states, it flourished in the communist east. Naturist bathing resorts established all along the Baltic coast and at the inland lakes were frequented by East German holidaymakers.

FKK-Anhänger am Berliner Müggelsee

FKK-Anhänger am Berliner Müggelsee

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