Shy Playmate

The Ukrainian tabloids discuss some piquant news. It happened so that the photosession of the girl singers from the group Арктика (not widely known even in Ukraine, I think :-)) appeared recently in the Ukrainian edition of Playboy. I would pass over this outstanding event, but the discussion about the images from this photosession has drawn my attention.

The point is that someone in Ukrainian Playboy was ridiculously not good in photo editing.

Playboy: Арктика (Арктический зной)

Playboy: Арктика (Арктический зной)

From these images, one can conclude that these playmates were too shy to pose naked, but at the same time they wanted to established themselves as local erotic stars in Playboy. The conflict between opposite motivations (commercialization of nudity and fear of it) produced this comic effect. Maybe it is characteristic for modern society when people consider nudity a problem and cannot decide themselves whether it can be appropriate.

This leads us again to the discussion on reality in photography.

  1. Rick said:

    That’s an intereesting detail missed by both the photo editor and the airbrush artist. I miss the old days when Playboy prided themselves on achievnig their images through the effective use of light and shadows.

    In today’s world, it’s not necessary to be what you appear to be. Appearing to be that way is enough.

    • Yes. Everybody is concerned more about appearing than being.
      “The actor taught us this: There is no frontier between being and appearing.”
      — Albert Camus, Ephemeral Creation

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