The open air

Since I got my first digital camera, that was a camera in my phone, my first and immediate intention was to take a nude photo of myself. I always wanted to look at myself from the outside and make up my mind about my appearance without clothes. Furthermore, I always believed that it is more natural to be naked than dressed. So I took the camera, took off everything with exception of the underpants, put on a hat and entered the balcony, the most sunny place in my apartments. There I nervously looked around and removed the last strategic piece of clothing. I stood exposed to the open air in a state of undress and it was a great feeling. The wind gently touched me. Every cell of my skin started to breathe. But suddenly I looked down from the balcony. I noticed that the barriers of the balcony were lower than I expected them to be, the windows were opened wide  and I appeared  standing absolutely naked outdoors.  Somehow I fastened the phone at one end of the balcony, launched a timer and took a few steps to the other end. In such a way I’ve got my first images.

At first I was not going to share these private photos. But soon I understood that there was nothing disgraceful concerning nudity. I began to think about posting my images to Flickr. Finally I uploaded a few of them to my account (t-maker photography), flagged as ‘Restricted’ and ‘For Friends only’. Then I submitted one of the images to my favorite group called ‘The Relaxing and having fun wearing only your birthday suit’.

Among all my nude photos I’ve chosen this one.
No clothes in summer

The image was rather naive and imperfect. The quality of the camera was not very high. The composition of the frame didn’t allow to see my sandals and the most of the floor space. But I liked the whole impression.

Next day I discovered that almost 60 members of the group viewed my image. I was completely satisfied with the result. In such a way I started cautiously my ‘nudism initiation’ program. This, in fact, was my first step towards choosing nudism as a lifestyle.

  1. It’s not a perfect picture, but it shows an awkwardness that I think makes up for some technical imperfection. You get points for bravery, too. I’m not a nudist, but I don’t have a problem with nudity. Perhaps this is just the step that many people need to gain self-confidence–a good way to confront their fears. Much to ponder…

    • vadimage said:

      Thank you. But in my case this does not relate to bravery or courage. I would like to quote the book “Among the Nudists – Early Naturism” by Frances Merrill originally published in 1931. The author wrote about the

      influence of early education in the belief that nudity is evil.

      He mentioned individuals who

      theoretically … are nudists, but they insist they would never put the theory into practice, either from lack of courage to defy custom, or from vanity — for some frankly admit they would refuse to display their physical mediocrity in public.

      Of course, if the practice of nudity became general and more or less accepted in this country, the first reason would no longer exist, and the second would become less common on the discovery by many people that they did not compare too unfavourably with others.

      I think, the problem is that we are always afraid of what we should not be afraid of and vice versa. 🙂

  2. “we are always afraid of what we should not be afraid of”

    I like that. Like monsters in the closet that we know aren’t there, but still…

    OK, with that quote, you bought yourself a mention on All Nudist. No biggie, just a mention.

    Keep it up, don’t let us down!

  3. Rick said:

    Your blog is off to a good start, looking forward to reading more.

    I have often gotten comments about being brave enough to be nude with others or to post a nude photo of myself on my blog. I never thought of it as brave or that ir required much courage. Yes, there was a bit of nervousness the first time I went to a nudist camp but it quickly disappeared.

    When I first posted a nude photo of myself on my blog, it was to say, “Here I am. I’m nude and it’s no big deal.”

    Being nude doesn’t require courage, just a bit of self-confidence and acceptance of your own body.

  4. vadimage said:

    Thanks everybody for the comments! It was pleasant to read them 🙂

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